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WIP Wednesday: The Bottom Half
To continue my series of works in progress, I give you all my bottom half WIPs. The photos are taken on the rubble that is my courtyard at the moment. Good times.


These are experimental socks that I am knitting to use up the nublets of sock yarn left over from Sam's socks:

I was originally going to just do stripes, but I thought that looked a bit awkward, so I'm now spiralling the yarn. It looks great! The socks won't match but they will look very funky...eventually. I'll just be adding to these socks every time I finish a pair, so they are a long term project.

Camouflage socks

My basic 72-stitch man sock. Hopefully done in time for Christmas.

I also started Citron (my swatch being, well, the scarf).

This brings my total of WIPs up to seven so far. There's still one more week of WIPs to unveil! I seriously need to start with the finishing and stop with the starting...

BLOGTOBERFEST UPDATE: 20 down, 11 to go


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