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Ode to my Library
I am sucking at Blogtober this year. I have missed two days! Although again, in the spirit of the law if not the letter of the law I am still posting for those days just...late. Oh well.

Let's see if I can make it up to you with my Ode to the Library.

Why do I love libraries
There are two reasons I love libraries. I love libraries because they are filled with books. I love books! Even beyond any specific book, I love books in general - the smell, the ideas, the thoughts. Books are fantastic and make me happy. The second reason I love libraries is because they let you borrow these fabulous books FOR FREE! Simply by being a citizen of this great country, I can go into libraries and take books out of the building and to my home. Excellent.

Why do I love libraries in Australia
In Australia, when you go into a library, both public and private, and borrow a book, the author gets a small fee to compensate them for the loss of royalties they experience because you have borrowed the book rather than purchased it. This is organised by Copyright Agency Limited, and I think it is brilliant. A pensioner who can't afford to buy name-brand tuna can still borrow a brand-new latest-thing-in-cool title without being out of pocket and the author is paid fairly and justly. Seriously, doesn't this system just rock?

Why do I love my library
My library is part of a chain of four libraries. For the cost of a mere $2, they will reserve books for you. They will transfer books between libraries for free. The space is open and light, with study tables near a window (perfect for study-staring), free wi-fi, computers, a section for children that is separate from the rest of the library thus providing a place for parents and children to share and experience the joy of literature and reading while not inconveniencing any of the other patrons - it's fabulous.

I may have got a bit carried away:

In this pile I have romance, chick-lit, thrillers, a gentle English wartime family drama, some capital-l Literature and three non-fiction out-of-print books allowing me to explore my growing obsession with F Scott Fitzgerald (I want to have children so I can name them after him, his family and his characters. Well, not really, but if anyone else is having children I have a number of names I can passionately recommend...). How awesome is this?

Seriously, libraries are the bomb. Support your local library, people.

BLOGTOBERFEST UPDATE: 17 down, 14 to go.


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