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A Day Trip
It's cold, windy and blustery outside, so I think it's the perfect day to recap a lovely sunny Saturday.

Sam and I hopped in the car and drove to Ngambie, a small town about two hours out of Melbourne.

I love country Victoria - I love seeing the animals and the pastures and all the trees. I love the tiny towns where it seems that most people live closer to a winery than they do a supermarket or a pharmacy.

The reason of the trip was to watch Sam's dad do a tandem jump out of a plane. It was his 60th birthday present from me, Sam and Sam's brother.

See how nonchalant the jumpers look now?

They did not look so relaxed three hours later when they climbed onto this little plane:

Yes, three hours later. You get there at an assigned time, sign up, and then sit there until your number is called. Thank God for knitting - I would have been bored stupid otherwise.

After the jump, we had just enough time to stop in at one winery:

It was really beautiful, and the wine was nice. They had a lot of cellar door-only wines available, which I love, because why go to a winery to taste wines that you can get from the local bottle-o?

The winery was on a huge property that was really gorgeous, and even the drive out was lovely, even though I was sad to be leaving. I can seriously think of nothing nicer than spending a sunny afternoon tasting yummy wine.

It was a lovely day, and I hope to have many more like it over the following summer. Minus that skydiving, though - that stuff is for crazy people!

BLOGTOBERFEST UPDATE: 16 down, 15 to go - officially past the halfway point!


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