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Happy Melbourne Cup!
This entry may also need to be titled 'One Should Not Blog After Drinking Eight Glasses Of Champagne', but I'm not sure yet. Ask me again when I re-read this entry when I'm sober.

Melbourne Cup Day signifies the start of that time of year - the Christmas party season. This means drinking lots of champagne, too many nights stumbling to bed half-cut and going to work the next day bleary eyed and possibly slightly smelly, and lots of blog photos of two drunken people hanging on to each other smiling maniacally at the camera. It's lots of fun! But it also raises some interesting age-old questions.

1. How much champagne is too much champagne?

2. Is one a wanker if one refers to Australian champagne as 'sparkline white wine'?

3. How does one fit in Christmas knitting when one needs to attend lots of Christmas parties?

4. Is it incredibly rude to tell people exactly what presents you want for Christmas?

And, most importantly:

5. If one puts a strawberry in each glass of champagne and then drinks five glasses of champagne over a few hours, does that count as a nutritional dinner?

Just some interesting thoughts.

In other news: I lost $42 on the Melbourne Cup, and now remember that gambling's a mug's game. Hope everyone else had better luck, and enjoyed the day off.

Champagne hugs!


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